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Sebaceous Filaments: Demystifying Those Tiny Dots on Your Nose

Those of us that have oily skin or are acne prone may be quick to assume that every small dark dot in the pores of our face is a blackhead that needs to be removed. While our pores can be filled with sebum plugs or blackheads, they can also contain sebaceous filaments. Although sebaceous filaments may look similar to blackheads, they are a normal part of our skin and have their own job to help it function.

What Are Sebum Plugs? A Guide to Blocked Sebaceous Glands

When you have acne-prone skin it can feel like you are constantly discovering different types of bumps on your face. From closed comedones to papules to cysts, there are many ways that our skin demonstrates its displeasure at clogged pores.  If you’ve ever felt small, gritty, non-inflamed bumps on your skin that might poke through with the appearance of a grain of sand, chances are you’ve encountered sebum plugs.