Best Pimple Patches: Options for Every Acne Scenario

Best pimple patches for acne

When spot treating pimples, a lot of advice has traditionally focused on trying to dry them out, but did you know that your skin heals best in a moist environment?

This applies to pimples too, which is why hydrocolloid pimple patches have become the go-to solution to spot treat breakouts.

What Are Pimple Patches?

Hydrocolloid bandages were first developed over 50 years ago to treat wounds by providing a moist environment for healing. Pimples are essentially small wounds on your skin, so what better way to protect and help them heal quickly than with small hydrocolloid bandages made just for breakouts: pimple patches. 


Hydrocolloid patches are here to stay. They were first used for wounds because of their ability to draw in fluid and create a sealed moisture barrier. I don’t think hydrocolloid patches work on all forms of acne, but it can be good for a juicy one that is inflamed or if you just want to hide the bump 🤷🏻‍♀️ #acne #acnepatch #hydrocolloidpatch #acnetreatment #dermatologist #drmamina #acnemarks #pimplepopping #satisfying

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Hydrocolloid pimple patches create a clean, moist environment around the pimple, which helps to speed up healing and also reduces the risk of scarring. A pimple patch can draw out and absorb fluid and pus from your pimples, which flattens them more quickly than if left uncovered. This not only helps reduce the size and redness of pimples but also prevents our fingers from mindlessly picking or popping them—a common cause of further inflammation and potential scarring.

Fortunately for us, hydrocolloid pimple patches have become wildly popular and there are many types and sizes to choose from. In the United States, if you have a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA), pimple patches are a qualified expense. Even when we find an acne treatment that keeps our breakouts under control, it’s helpful to have a good collection of pimple patches always on hand if you have acne-prone skin so you can react quickly when a pimple pops up.

Classic Pimple Patches

These pimple patches are your go-to option. A pack may contain different sizes to cover a variety of pimples. They often come in a thicker hydrocolloid that is ideal for nighttime use, and can contain ingredients to help treat pimples such as salicylic acid or tea tree oil.

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Daytime Pimple Patches

While thicker patches are ideal overnight, during the day you might want a thinner option to be more discreet. You can even apply makeup over these patches to further conceal your pimples while you are protecting them. You can also choose options with fun shapes and colors to wear your pimple patch proudly!

Large Size Pimple Patches

When we are dealing with multiple pimples in an area or with body acne, it can be difficult and time consuming to apply multiple small patches. That’s when you should reach for one of these big guys to get the job done. Their large and thick size will easily cover and absorb fluid from several pimples at once.

Microdart Patches for Deep Pimples

Most pimple patches work best for pimples that are near the surface so they can absorb the fluid within. But what about those gnarly cysts that you can feel deep under your skin and might hang out for weeks without ever coming to a head?

Keep some of these microdart patches on hand and use them at the first sign of a deep pimple lurking below the surface. When you push them onto your skin they use self dissolving microdarts to release acne fighting medication like salicylic acid under your skin where it can act on your deep pimples.

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