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Understanding Acne

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Blonde woman with mild skin texture on forehead

What Are Sebum Plugs? A Guide to Blocked Sebaceous Glands

When you have acne-prone skin it can feel like you are constantly discovering different types of bumps on your face. From closed comedones to papules to cysts, there are many ways that our skin demonstrates its displeasure at clogged pores.  If you’ve ever felt small, gritty, non-inflamed bumps on your skin that might poke through with the appearance of a grain of sand, chances are you’ve encountered sebum plugs.
Man with acne scars doing a green face mask

Are Acne Scars Permanent? Acne Scars Treatment Options

Are acne scars permanent? While having acne scars is nothing to be ashamed of—many people find that their scars add character to their face and make them more unique—if you are bothered by your acne scars and would like to reduce their appearance, there are many treatment options available for all types of scars.